Saturday, August 7, 2010

Droid X: DO NOT Activate Face Down to Vibrate Mode

Do not activate "Face Down to Vibrate Mode," if you do, you won't be able to get ringtones back.

From Motorola:
My handset is not set to silent or vibrate, but my handset only vibrates now for incoming calls; I am trying to assign a ringtone to my handset, but it only vibrates.

If you activated either of your smart profile settings "Double tap to silence" or "Face down to vibrate" from the Sound and display settings menu, your audible ringtones might be come disabled and your handset will only vibrate.

This behavior will be corrected in an upcoming software release. If you activated the smart profile and your ringtones are no longer working, you can try this workaround or ultimately, you may will need to perform a factory data reset to clear your handset and restore factory defaut settings back to your phone.

First try a workaround before completing a factory data reset:
Make sure that the "Smart Profile: Face Down" feature is enabled.
Hold the phone face up in your palm.
Call yourself from another phone.
As the phone is vibrating, DO NOT ANSWER.
Still holding the phone, flip the phone face down as it vibrates.
Then, flip the phone back over so that it's facing up.
End the call from the phone you are calling from.
Leave phone face up and call yourself again. If it does not work on first attempt, try steps a few times before resetting the phone.
If the workaround did not restore your ringtone. Scroll down to bottom of FAQ for instructions on Factory Data Reset. The procedure will require you to sign back into Google and set-up your account over again. When your handset is back online, it is recommended to not activate the smart profile again until we have corrected the behavior.
Ring. Ring. Ring.

Hello Moto?

Their factory reset instructions make me realize the Droid X has no backup! iPhone wins, and has ringtones.

Update II:

From Matt on the Motorola Support Forum:
...a solution that doesn't require a factory reset! And in fact, it's a lot easier than it may sound.

With the phone in the bad state, non-ringing state

Get into another voice call. Call yourself from another phone if you need to, but you can do it on your next incoming call, too.

Answer the phone.

Trigger the proximity sensor by putting the X to your ear during in the call, or by covering the top right corner of the face of the phone with your hand. The phone face should go black. Once it has turned black, that's enough. It doesn't have to stay blacked out any longer.

Now, put the X on its back so that the TOP of the phone is level - the screen is level. That means you can't use the table and just lay the phone down, because the camera hump will keep the phone from being level on the front.

When you hit that "flat front" sweet spot, you will feel a short vibrator pulse. This means the ringer is back on. You can now end the call (from either side of the call).

Getting the phone level so you feel the vibration is actually pretty easy -- the phone is fairly forgiving. This is so easy that I'm tempted to actually use the Smart Profile feature. Especially since mine is not going into "no-ring" mode every time. For some reason it's working correctly more often than not.

Much easier than a factory reset. (But we're still going to fix it.)
This works. I tried it. I used a ruler on the bottom of the phone to get the face level.

Update 8/27/10:

NEW! Recover ring without a factory reset.

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  1. I have tried it several times but i can't get to level for it to vibrate. Is there something I'm missing...shoud the setting for smart profile be checked or uncheck. i did this unchecked. Please help.