Saturday, August 7, 2010

Droid X: 12 Apps to Get You Started

Motorila Droid X by Verizon

PC World's JR Raphael gives us Verizon's Droid X: 12 Apps to Get You Started:
Thanks to Android's open ecosystem, the Droid X has countless options for customization -- a night and day change from a certain other popular smartphone platform. Much of the muscle comes from the ever-expanding Android Market, which features an uncensored and ever-expanding array of programs that let you make the most of your Android experience.

Here are 12 top-notch Droid X apps to help you get started.
Google Goggles and ShopSavvy look cool.

MyBackup Pro might me the backup solution I'm looking for.

I really like Yahoo! Music, especially the Class Reunion playlists.

Twitter and Facebook apps are a must have, although there doesn't seem to be any way to upload video to Facebook.

NotifyLink with Touchdown client supports real-time sync of email, contacts, calendar and tasks between Droid X and Oracle Beehive.

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